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If you’re a mobile-photography enthusiast and you want to use your smartphone as seriously as you would any other camera, we’ve concluded that Moment’s Wide 18mm Lens and Tele 58mm Lens are the best after testing 60 smartphone lenses over four years while traveling to the Grand Canyon, Hawaii, and the French countryside. These lenses connect to your phone using Olloclip’s Connect X clip which slides over the top of your phone and works with both rear and front-facing cameras. A circular disc that contains six small lenses magnetically attaches to the included Ztylus case, which is required to use the lenses. For more casual smartphone shooters, we also have a more budget-friendly pick, the Criacr Amir 3-in-1 Photo Lens Kit. Phone Camera Lens - [Upgraded Version] AIKEGLOBAL iPhone Lens 4 in 1, 18X Zoom... Xenvo Pro Lens Kit (With the Wide Angle Lens). At such an affordable price, its more than worth checking out even if it’s not your favorite lens or your smartphone. Still, the photos from the competing lenses were also quite good. This content uses referral links. Our retooled What Camera Should I Buy guide will help answer your specific questions. With an adjustable width between 58 and 80mm, the phones it can be used with are staggering. Required fields are marked *. by Dan Frakes, Nick Guy, and Wirecutter Staff. This will give you a uniquely wide perspective without resulting in unpleasant distortion. They may become softer at the corners, but that’s an area the viewer is less likely to focus on. Over the years, we’ve tested well-known options from Olloclip and the now-defunct Photojojo, as well as from names that are big in the camera world, such as Manfrotto and Zeiss, and we’ve considered lenses that our readers have asked about, such as Sirui lenses. Ztylus’s set of larger Z-Prime lenses includes a telephoto, a wide-angle, and a macro lens, plus a lens mount. 【 A Widely Compatible Accessory 】AllClip is compatible with smartphones that have a width ranging from 58mm - 80mm (2.3" to 3.2"). Olloclip has been a leading iPhone lens manufacturer for years, and the Olloclip 3-in-1 is used by a number of professional photographers to capture beautiful iPhone photos. encourage them to update their internet browser to a modern and current version. For our latest update in late 2019, we used an iPhone XS in our testing. The Moment Wide lens is ideal for both mobile photographers and filmmakers. It comes with a super wide angle lens and a fisheye lens; the fisheye lens is perfect for more creative wide angle photography, and the super wide angle lens features good image quality at an amazing price. The best wide angle lens for iPhones is the Moment wide lens, which offers an effective 18mm focal length and is perfect for capturing interior shots and landscape photos. The Xenvo Pro Lens Kit is a versatile set of lenses, including both a macro and a wide angle lens for iPhone. iPhone designs differ from model to model, so external lenses for the iPhone 11 Pro may not fit on the iPhone 7. We couldn’t pair the lenses with the Olloclip case without seeing some vignetting, so we had to remove it. We always have a hard time recommending any accessory that requires you to use your phone without a case, especially if you’re spending well over $100. Note that the Xenvo kit clips on to any iPhone, from the iPhone 6 all the way up to the iPhone 11 Pro. I’d recommend using the Moment wide lens for general landscape photography, as well as for interior photography; the 18mm focal length will help you capture entire rooms in your shots. After every testing round, we carefully review the results to determine which models are acceptable, and we consider this further hands-on experience in reaching our final conclusion. The wide angle lens is somewhat sharp at the center, though the corners do display some softness and color fringing. You’ll also have to get used to a bit of distortion and vignetting at the edges. You can also use it on your Samsung Galaxy, your Google Pixel, or even your Huawei smartphones. Although it can’t beat the quality that Moment provides, Black Eye offers glass optics that can clip on to most any device, for less money. Receive news and offers from our other brands? Do you fancy yourself as an amateur filmmaker but can’t afford a high-priced camera? Moment lenses are among the most expensive in this category, in part because in addition to paying for the lens, you also have to purchase a case from the company—such as the Moment Photo Case we used in our testing—to use that lens. Unlike with Sandmarc's lenses, you can use Moment's with either one of the iPhone's dual rear lenses (you can watch an explainer here). [HD DSLR Camera & Telescope 2 in 1] MACTREM Phone Camera Lens kit includes 20X telephoto lens, 205° fisheye lens, 0.5X ultra wide angle lens, 25X super macro lens, universal clip, tripod, eyecup and... [Enable Your Phone To Take Varied Pictures] 25X macro lens can realize 25 times magnification target, shooting fantastic close-up pictures. This Moment Wide lens captures 2x more picture with a multi-element glass design that provides edge to edge clarity. The best add-on lenses for iPhone and Android phones in 2019. It’s a common question. That means that you’re able to get shots that are decently wide, but nothing to write home about. Some Android Smartphones can feature even more built in lenses for you to choose from. Lemuro offers a stylish take on a smartphone lens system, with a wider array of cute cases than you’ll find from most of the competition. Phone compatibility: Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge, iPhone 6 | Included lenses: 18mm equivalent. But if you’re looking for a compromise between optics and price, I recommend you look elsewhere on this list. Whether it’s landscapes or extreme closeups, knowing which lens to use is key because many lens kits contain prime lenses where each one is built to be good at capturing certain types of photos. The Best Canon Sports Lenses: Our Top Picks for Stunning Sports Photos. The Moment 18mm Wide Lens works with iPhone, Pixel, Galaxy and OnePlus Phones. If you’re on a budget and need a great first wide angle lens, the AnazaLea is a great choice. Finally, there is the macro lens that provides a magnification of 15x which can reveal microscopic details that would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye. A third-party mobile app such as ProCamera or Moment’s app will let you select either lens. These days, it’s more common to see people taking pictures or shooting video using their phones instead of having a full-size camera. Moment's newest smartphone lens kit works not only with the iPhone X, but also with many of the top Android smartphones. That’s why this article is dedicated to determining the absolute best wide angle lenses you can get for your iPhone. What is the best wide angle lens for iPhone photography? Using lenses such as these, you get many of the imaging capabilities of a cheap point-and-shoot camera, with the familiar interface, mobility, and connectivity of your phone. In terms of image quality, these lenses are a noticeable step down from those of the Ztylus Revolver M Series Lens Kit, with blurring throughout the frame, including the center. This product REQUIRES you to purchase a Moment Case OR Battery Photo Case to attach the lens to your phone. The case feels comfortable and smooth in the hand, with enough rubbery grip on the edges to keep your phone secure. We backup our products with a lifetime warranty, great customer service and a 100% satisfaction guarantee with free shipping and returns. The close-up shots taken with Moment's Macro lens, which offers a 10x magnification, were on a par with Sandmarc's. Setting a budget will help you choose the best option for your needs. While the macro lens doesn’t offer much for a wide angle shooter, both the fisheye and the super wide lens are perfect for landscape photographers who want to capture every detail of the scene before them. Distortion and vignetting is negligible. Compatible with iPhone, Pixel, and Samsung phones. We don’t think the Olloclip Fisheye/Super-Wide/Macro Essential Lenses combo is worth the price. If you go with this option, you’ll end up putting the lens on and taking it off more often, and spending more time making sure it’s centered, than you would if you were using a case system. However, these specialized systems for higher-end options can add extra weight to your phone. While the design is for use with the iPhone, Android users can also be used if you attach the lenses using Olloclip’s Multi-Device Clip which is sold separately. Updated December 12, 2019. Moment's Wide Lens (18mm equivalent) offers double the field of view of the iPhone X's main camera. The AiKEGlobal 4 in 1 iPhone kit packs a lot of gear for a budget price, and that’s what makes it so appealing. This will give you 10 times the magnification of your standard Smartphone lens. Learn more in, Best Wide Angle Lens for iPhone: An Ultimate Guide. But maybe these subtle flaws aren’t a major concern for you if you’re just looking to jazz up your Instagram story with some new angles. All of this continuing innovation is reassuring if you’re looking to invest in a system that’s changing fast. Interestingly, if you use Moment's telephoto lens with the iPhone's wide lens and point the camera at a light source, you get a curious halo effect, in which the edges of the photo are darker than the center. If you consider yourself more of a casual smartphone shooter, a better option might be to choose a plastic lens combo to up your Instagram game without making a larger investment. Sony is one of the best digital camera manufacturers in the world, always developing new technology to make the best photos possible. The lens quality of such a set can’t compare with that of spendier models, but the results should suffice for social media sharing. The case is good enough to use every day; it’s fairly thin, it offers a good grip on the sides, and it comes in a wide assortment of colors and patterns. Spending a little extra on a specific lens accessory system is a better idea than buying one lens in particular especially if you are looking for some variety in what you shoot. A great lens option for taking nature pictures, Phone compatibility: iPhone XR XS X/8/7Plus/7/6sPlus/6s, Samsung S9 Plus | Included lenses: 0.65x super-wide-angle, 15x macro, and 230° fisheye. The clip holder also has a... 【 Built with a Scratch Proof Material and Construction 】The outer surface of the AllClip is made with a durable and scratch-proof design. While fisheye lenses aren’t a favorite of conventional landscape and architecture photographers, photographers that don’t mind a quirky look will appreciate the power of this fisheye. If you’re looking to capture everyday snapshots that you don’t need to be photographically perfect, the Ztylus Revolver M Series Lens Kit, a sleek system with a protective case, can broaden your mobile-photography possibilities. One last selling point: The price on the Xenvo is reasonable, especially for the quality. Note that you must purchase the Moment case in order to mount the lens to your iPhone. However, these heavy lenses require a clip attachment, and in our experience, a heavy lens mounted via a clip makes the phone feel off-balance and is easy to knock off-kilter (owner reviews confirm this experience with Sirui lenses too). We’ve brought them along on an epic summer road trip to see the Grand Canyon, taken them sightseeing in France, and packed them in our beach bag on Maui. It is a large lens with a curved fisheye-like optic. Two other attributes also argue in Moment's favor: You can use the company's lenses with either of the iPhone's (and Note 8's) rear cameras, and Moment's lenses work with most of the top-end smartphones, not just those from Apple. The best thing about the case (apart from the snug fit and quality look and feel) is the fact that Moment lenses easily twist and lock into the lens mount housing which is located around the phone lens. What is the best budget iPhone filmmaking kit? Moment’s macro lens is arguably the best-designed lens of the bunch. So even though the price is considerably lower than that of the Moment system and the image quality was terrific in our tests, the ShiftCam combo itself is difficult to use. Need a camera, but not sure which one will best suit your needs? The AnazaLea is a budget lens kit for iPhone photographers, offering both a wide angle and a macro lens. The center of the image is crisp, so much so that it’s hard to tell you took the images with a smartphone. This mimics the effect you’d get from switching lenses on a DSLR or mirrorless camera. This square looking lens will optically stretch your image to give you a 2:39 aspect ratio image. Photo: Erin Lodi, Moment’s wide lens can capture more of the action than the standard lens of most smartphones. Without the case you cannot attach the lens. Perfect... 【 The Freedom to Explore Professional Mobile Photography 】Your phone's screen is not blocked by bitplay's AllClip when used in conjunction with your smartphone’s rear camera. Bitplay’s wide lens was sharp in our testing, and we quite liked the ergonomics of the Bitplay Snap case and grip with a physical shutter button. If you’re looking for a budget wide angle lens that delivers beautiful images, it’s tough to go wrong with the AiKEGlobal 4 in 1 kit. You can pick it up for under $50 USD from most retailers, making it the perfect option for any iPhone photographer’s wide angle kit. While the lenses have plastic internal components this can lead to poor corner sharpness. Included with the lens is a convenient carrying case with detachable carabiner for easy portability along with a cleaning cloth and lens cap to protect the lens when not in use. Moment's lenses will work with the iPhone 6/6 Plus and later, Pixel, Pixel 2/XL, Samsung Galaxy S8/+ and later, and Galaxy Note 8. Generally speaking, Moment's lenses tend to be the most expensive, costing about $10 to $20 more than comparable lenses from Sandmarc. Your email address will not be published. But this combo costs more than Moment’s system, yet it doesn’t offer the same kind of longevity and product selection behind the brand. Moment’s wide-angle lens will give you the equivalent field of view of an 18mm lens. This set is a cheap way to add variety to your smartphone camera, offering a fish-eye, a macro, and a wide lens that’s better than most in this price range. - The Moment Team. View full-size image. ... We want nothing but the best experience for our customers and your current internet browser does not support many of the features we offer to provide that experience and to ensure your security. Product from Amazon. There was a problem. Moment’s wide-angle lens delivers crisp, clear photos with a wider angle of view than a phone’s fixed lens offers, without adding noticeable distortion. Without lens vs with Momet lens. Moment’s redesigned Wide 18mm and Tele 58mm lenses remain our top choice for serious mobile photographers because they offer top-notch image quality and an outstanding mounting system using the company’s attractive, portable cases. Moment also sells a filter mount that lets you use 62mm threaded filters, such as a circular polarizer, UV, or neutral density, with any of its lenses. Sometimes having a little as possible to carry around is a blessing. You will need the case to attach any of the lenses to the bayonet mount that you can find on each lens. Each lens can fit over either of the iPhone XS’s dual lenses. 230° SURPER FISHEYE LENS: 230 degree Fisheye Lens provides you incredible and dramatic rounded images, which takes you into the stunning and fantastic world. If you’d like to share these lenses between a couple of phones or tablets in your household, this kit has the versatility to work with quite a few different devices. After four years spent testing more than 60 smartphone lenses, we think Moment’s lenses remain the best way to expand on the lens … This can be a great option for those who just want to take photos quickly and easily without getting too complicated. What are the best free filmmaking apps for iPhone? After four years spent testing more than 60 smartphone lenses, we think Moment’s lenses remain the best way to expand on the lens in your smartphone’s camera. You’ll definitely notice their weight in your hand and in your pocket—at 50 grams, the wide lens weighs as much as two AA batteries—but the solid mounting system and superior optics are worth the extra weight. The Nelomo is a great kit with various lenses that attach using a clip. However, the number of different lenses that come with the kit at such an affordable price makes it worth considering. They allow your subject to appear either closer to you or farther away from you without reducing resolution much. And you don’t want to purchase a wide angle lens for your iPhone only to find that it gives you terrible shots! The kit features a 0.4x wide-angle lens capable of delivering a wide field of view that we found more useful than the ones included in similar lens kits, which were either ineffective or so wide that they veered into fish-eye territory. A well-placed hand may suffice in lieu of a lens hood. From every iPhone and a majority of Android phones. While expensive — each of its lenses costs between $90 to $100 — we think that Moment makes the best iPhone lenses overall. Photo: Erin Lodi, Black Eye’s wide-angle lens offers a perspective similar to Moment’s but isn’t as sharp. Plus, the lens is designed to reduce distortion, making the Xenvo wide angle an excellent option for architectural photography. In order to ensure the best and safest experience to our customers we This lens has a focal length of around 56mm, which means that you cannot use it for wide angle photography. Macro and ultrawide fish-eye lenses are the next most common, though they tend to fall more into the novelty category, as the iPhone already allows you to shoot quite close to objects and the fish-eye look is not one you’re likely to use in your everyday arsenal. The biggest selling point is its price. Because it’s so easy to use and protective, we didn’t mind keeping the case on even without the lenses. Instead, Sandmarc lenses come with a thin, hard plastic case and a screw-on mount that makes it difficult to put the lens on and take it off quickly. Note that some iPhones, such as the iPhone XS, X, 11 Pro, 8 Plus, and 7 Plus, have a built-in telephoto lens. If any question, you can reach us at service(at)apexellens.com. Without the additional cost of a specific case, the Pro Cinema Wide G4 is a more affordable glass-optics choice, but you should know that clip-on systems are always a little fussy, as a slight bump can jar the lens out of place and ruin your image. There is no rear lens cap to protect the back of the lens but there is a provided velvet bag that you can safely secure with drawstrings to keep your lens protected when not in use. Since 2014, we’ve toted the most promising candidates around Seattle, testing them in some typical shooting situations. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? A great, affordable smartphone lens kit for beginners, Phone compatibility: Extensive | Included lenses: Macro, wide-angle, fisheye, telephoto. This 60mm equivalent lens gets you twice as close to the action as with the iPhone's lens alone. © 2020 Wirecutter, Inc., A New York Times Company, Best variety of lenses in a compact format, Our picks: Moment Wide 18mm Lens and Tele 58mm Lens, Also great: Ztylus Revolver M Series Lens Kit, Budget pick: Criacr Amir 3-in-1 Photo Lens Kit, Olloclip Fisheye/Super-Wide/Macro Essential Lenses, Best iPhone lenses 2019: transform your smartphone photos, The Best Accessories for Your iPhone and iPad, The Best Photo Editing Apps for Android and iOS. As with most small tech gear, you can find several companies selling what appear to be identical products on Amazon. But the optics aren’t as crisp as the design aesthetics, even though this system is fairly similar to the Moment system in price. ShiftCam's telephoto lens produced a photo that was sharper throughout — which you can see in both the lower levels of the Chrysler Building, as well as the building on the left side of the frame. If the distance from the center of the camera(the phone has only one camera) or the main camera(two or more cameras)... [100% meet your satisfaction on both products and service] MACTREM devotes itself to provide the best in class products and services to our customers. Don’t Use: If you want to save money and get something of equal quality. High quality, Tip-top Clarity & Excellent Zooming. 0.5X wide angle lens adds more to your shots, perfect for... [Well-built Construction & Premium Materials ] Each lens has 10-layer green coating on both sides of the lens. This content is provided ‘as is’ and is subject to change or removal at any time. Now that you understand how to choose the perfect wide angle lens for your needs, let’s take a look at your options: The Moment 18mm wide angle lens is the most expensive pick on this list, but for good reason: Moment is a smartphone lens manufacturer with an excellent track record, and their lenses are used by the best of the best. The company offers five premium lenses that will improve any Smartphone film project you may be working on. Unlikely to happen, I know. However, these pro lenses don’t come with the clip mount, so the price gets pretty steep for a single lens plus a clip that you must purchase separately. Is improved versatility and quality important to you? Like most small plastic lenses, the Ztylus Revolver M Series lenses cause some blurring, distortion, and vignetting, but the quality degradation shouldn’t interfere if you’re just looking for a way to add flavor to your social media snapshots. When it comes to picking a wide angle lens for your iPhone, you want to pick carefully. You can also remove this hood if needed. Compatible phones: Apple iPhone 4/4S through 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max; Samsung Galaxy S4/Note 4 through S7/S7 Edge; Google Pixel and Nexus 5 through 7; LG G3 through 5; BlackBerry Playbook and Torch; HTC One, SV, Flyer, Inspire 4G, Sensation First, and Desire; Motorola Droid and Razr. Have... Precision-machined aluminum bracket with Integrated standard tripod Mount (1/4”-20), Lens caps and microfiber lens bag included. Shop the gear creators actually recommend. It’s also the flattest and most compact lens. The variety of testing conditions allow us to see how the lenses perform in real life, helping us determine not just how they perform photographically but also how convenient they are for shooting on the go. Unlike those cheap plastic lenses that cost less than $10 and seem to litter Amazon's best-sellers page, Moment's four lenses (a wide-angle, fish-eye, macro and telephoto)look and feel professional. *At the time of publishing, the price was $90. Finally, if you’re a basic smartphone shooter or a newbie and you’re just looking for a fun photography toy to experiment with, a cheap clip-on lens set is a great starting point. Just be aware that this lens will give you a fisheye appearance and does come with image distortion. When we encountered seemingly identical models in our research, we took price, reviews, and the brand’s track record into consideration. Made with aerospace grade metal and the same hand-polished... We backup our products with a lifetime warranty, great customer service and a 100% satisfaction guarantee with free shipping... 【Trend leading】Take part in the phone camera lens family,you will be one of the fashionable and stylish person in the... 【Enhanced Zoom Telescope & Monocular Lens】Zoom telephoto lens is excellent for shooting images in many occasions around... 【Fisheye,Wide angle,macro lens】198°Fisheye Lens provides you amazing and incredible rounded images, which attracts you... 【Convient to carry】This phone camera lens kit is lightweight convenient and very portable for carrying in your pocket. This can take some of the fun out of taking amazing photos with your phone. View full-size image. And the Olloclip fisheye lens embraces distortion, giving you wide angle images that are heavily curved. In an appeal to photography fanatics, Moment defines its equivalent lens length in the nomenclature typically reserved for full-frame camera systems. This is a great deal wider than the wide-angle lenses you will find in most Smartphones. These are the best lenses you can get for your smartphone, but they'll cost you. Phone compatibility: All iPhone models, Samsung Galaxy and Note, Google Pixel, Huawei | Included lenses: TruView 0.45x Wide Angle Lens, Clarus 15x Macro Lens. For the more serious iPhone shooters, you may want to consider lenses with the absolute best performance. It also means you can get close to your subject without using the digital zoom on your Smartphone which will reduce your image quality. While Moment's fish-eye lens didn't offer as much coverage as Sandmarc's, the overall quality was much better. We also share useful tips and tricks on how to become a better photographer and offer free online photography courses. With many lens options that are on the more affordable side, these can be carried in a bag and clipped to your phone when you want to take a photo with them. Let us know about it in the comments below!! You can adjust the metal lens mount by screwing it in to tighten it, but even so, it remains susceptible to being bumped out of alignment. Thank you for signing up to Tom's Guide. A must-have lens for professional-looking videos, Phone compatibility: iPhone 6-XS Max, Huawei Mate 10-20 Pro, P20-P30 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S8-S10+ | Included lenses: 1.33x anamorphic. The warm and natural... ✔ QUICK-RELEASE LANYARD AND TRAVEL CASE - TRANSPORT AND PROTECT YOUR LENS KIT: Perfect for taking your Xenvo lenses with you on the fly. Whether you’re on a budget or looking for the highest-quality optics money can buy, there’s a lens on this list for you. Moment Smartphone Camera Lens Why Is It Best? On the other hand, if you’d prefer to shoot architecture or street photography, I recommend something between 15mm and 20mm. Moment makes the highest quality attachment lenses on the market. Moment's lenses may cost the most, but they produce some of the best photos we've seen from add-on smartphone lenses. It also exhibits little to no vignetting, which results in more professional images. Using the above criteria, we narrowed our list of lenses to 60 smartphone lens attachments, seven of which we included in our hands-on testing for the latest iteration of this guide. Ultimately, you’ll leave knowing which lens is right for you. Learn new skills with online video lessons. Works with all... Patented system: attaches and aligns instantly. Once the footage is re-stretched out to a 21:9 aspect ratio, the distortion-free video is amazing. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sirui doesn’t yet offer a case for the newest iPhones (such as the iPhone XS we used in our testing), but it does have one for the iPhone X, and some reviewers say Sirui lenses fit the Moment case. How to set up your Smartphone for video filmmaking. Made from black anodized aluminum along with a detachable lens, Fellows along with renowned lens maker Zeiss have teamed up to provide a high-quality lens option for taking amazing looking photos with your smartphone. It’s a pretty slick system that keeps all of the lenses from getting lost and protects them from dirt and damage. And the optical quality is strong: The Xenvo wide angle is sharp and does a great job of capturing details. In the world of smartphone lenses, Moment is a company known for its quality products and it’s clear to see why that is. This puts it in the area of moderately wide; it’ll certainly get you a wider field of view than your standard 29mm iPhone lens, but it won’t get you that sweeping look offered by lenses in the 10-15mm range. Updated on 2020-09-27. Please refresh the page and try again. And the set’s hard-plastic rear lens caps feels destined to be lost.

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